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Atlanta, Ga.


df Photographe' specializes in architectural exterior and interior photography; capturing quality images of the build environment with cutting edge photographic techniques and digital technologies. Working closely with our clients to understand their goals, we capture the essence of a space and convey the story behind the creator's vision.  Our clients appreciate the excellent value we provide along with our customer friendly and hassle free approach.


df Photographe' has been photographing and capturing amazing spaces for over 25 years.  For Architectural Photography to be effective, the viewer should be impacted by the beauty of the subject being photographed rather than the image itself. Our clients hire us to make their exterior, interior design, landscape, and buildings stand apart.

Deborah Fleishel, Managing Partner and Photographer, had a desire to photograph the world around her at an early age.  Her love for capturing amazing spaces continues to evolve and amaze!  Her creativity and innate ability to capture the essence of a subject, creating images of wonderment and beauty. She shares this gift not only through her work,  but also with her two children, who have followed in her footsteps of creative art, graphic design, and photography.

Living on a lake brings daily inspiration, along with a peaceful energy to calm even the busiest shoot!  Quiet time includes reading, nature walks and camping with her partner and their two dogs.  

Sibby Tansill, Managing Partner and Operations, is all about networking and cultivating relationships. After spending 20+ years working in the consumer product goods industry; she found delight with the simpler things in life and the need for less.  Her background and experience in marketing and business development enables her to oversee the day to day operations, allowing the creatives to excel at their art.

An avid golfer, she enjoys it most when she is playing with friends and new acquaintances.  She thrives when she is sharing her knowledge and experience with others. To relax, she takes to the water and enjoys reading.

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